Nature’s Details in Black and White

One of my favorite places to photograph is New Jersey Audubon Society’s Plainsboro Preserve in (technically) Cranbury, NJ. It’s fairly close to me so I try to go often – though it’s never enough. This past weekend, I went for a short hike, hoping to beat the heat. Unfortunately, the heat followed but I got some cool shots. It also gave me the chance to test out my new amazing 12-40mm f/2.8 (!!!) lens, which, yes, I’m in love with!

My usual style is lots of color, but for these couple of shots, I tried my hand at some black and white. Hope you like!

Plainsboro BW 01Plainsboro BW 02Plainsboro BW 03Plainsboro BW 04


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I Went to the Butterfly Conservatory… And Shot Birds

In June, I took a short trip to the Florida Keys that was part birthday adventure and part shark-tagging. (So cool!) I visited Key West a couple of times and one of the stops we made was the Butterfly and Nature Conservatory, especially since it’s one of the top attractions on the island.

We went inside expecting to see lots of butterflies, but we didn’t expect to see so many brightly colored birds! Apparently the birds are kept there to control mosquitos and other bugs. Obviously, the birds are used to people, so they let you get fairly close to take photos. What I especially loved were the little quails (and maybe other species?) running around underfoot. You had to be careful where you walked, but they were so cute!

If you’re ever in Key West, I would suggest a visit to the Conservatory for sure. Just remember that it’s hot and humid in there, which is necessary for the butterflies to survive. But it’s worth it to take your time, turn back, check out all the animals, especially the hidden ones, and enjoy the atmosphere!

(A gouldian finch.)

Butterfly Bird_01Butterfly Bird_02

(Blue faced parrot finch.)

Butterfly Bird_03Butterfly Bird_04

(Red-throated parrot finch, potentially.)

Butterfly Bird_05

(Gouldian finch.)

Butterfly Bird_06

(The next two are possibly Chinese painted quails.)

Butterfly Bird_07Butterfly Bird_08

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Into the Fog

I’m generally not home on days when the world becomes blanketed in fog – for some reason, it usually happens on a weekday, which means I’m heading off to work. But for once, I had the fortune of being home, and hauled over to my local park to grab some photos before the magic disappeared.

Into the Fog 3

Into the Fog 7

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sujata sahooSeptember 12, 2014 - 9:03 am

Hey Preeti
You have a great webpage dedicated to nature photography here.
So beautifully captured. Love leafless trees,austere beauty they have.

PreetiSeptember 14, 2014 - 3:19 pm

Hi Sujata – thanks so much for your visit and your comment! I appreciate it. I’m hoping for more foggy days this coming winter. :)