Sunflowers in New Jersey!

Yesterday I had the awesome fortune of stumbling on a field of sunflowers while on a random drive.  I was beyond excited.  The photos of me were taken by my husband, the others were taken by me.

Super excited to take pictures.


Zooming in.

wm-Zooming In

Field of gold.

wm-Field of Gold





He was shy.

wm-He Was Shy

Good times!

wm-Running Out_Cinema

And one more… for the road. *rim shot!*

wm-On the Road

And there is my attempt to resurrect my blog.  I’ve done a couple of gigs and photowalks recently, and coming up,  so hopefully I’ll be posting more stuff as the days progress!

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HubzJuly 20, 2009 - 10:13 pm

I take better pictures

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