Playing with Textures

A while back, I finally got hold of an editing program (that’s right, I’ve only been using Picnik for the past couple years to edit!) when I started doing gigs and needed more control over my photos.  It’s kind of a blessing and a curse, because where before it would take me a couple minutes or less to edit, now I have so many options that it can take a while to edit a photo. Of course, as mentioned it allows a lot more control, flexibility and waaaayy more options.

So a month or so back, I finally got into textures (way late, I know). I’m loving it – especially how it allows you to completely change an image – the look, feel, mood, etc.

Now I know that all this stuff that I get into, textures, selective color, all that stuff, is “gimmicky” or “cliched” or “been there done that” for a lot of photographers.  (I haven’t even attempted HDR or tilt shift yet!)  The thing is, I don’t really care! I feel that photography can be such a personal thing – some things appeal to some people, other things to others.  I’m not a fan of those “hard and fast” rules and lists that are always posted, that photography must be done this way and that way and not this other way.  I’m more of a fan of photography as an art, I guess.  I do understand that it’s probably different once you get into commercial work or pro work, however.  But when did art begin to have rules?

The thing with textures is, it’s so hard sometimes for me to pick what I like best.  Sometimes, I will try one thing and will love it and won’t have a need to try anything else.  But sometimes there are just so many options and I can’t pick what I like best. Maybe that means that none of those are right and I should keep trying. lol.

Here are this morning’s experiments.



The following 2 are from the same texture by Hibbary:



This was done with a texture by borealnz:


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