Before and After: Dripping Purple

I’m a big fan of the summer, or spring or fall – basically anything that’s not winter (i.e., cold).  So while there are some absolutely beautiful photography opportunities in the colder months (snow and all that fun stuff), you’ll usually find me huddled inside when it’s cold out.  That means that I have to find opportunities for photography in my home.  One thing I like to do is buy a bouquet or just a random bunch of flowers and go wild with my 105mm.  Last year, I bought a couple of calla lilies (one of my favorite flowers) and spent a few days photographing them.

Over the previous year, I’ve often gone back into my archive to look at those photos again and pull out some gems.  Today, I went back into the folder and came across a photo of a purple calla, one of the first ones I’d taken from those sessions.  I don’t know why but it hadn’t struck me as anything special on previous views.  But today, it hit me, and I knew exactly what I wanted the final image to look like.  After a bit of Lightroom magic, it turned into exactly what I had envisioned!

Dripping Purple - Before and After

After that, I cropped to a square to get the exact composition I was going for to produce the final image.  Voilà!

Dripping Purple

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