All Curled Up

After a crazy Friday night, I spent most of Saturday recovering.  But the day was too nice to spend cooped up indoors all day.  We went off for a short trip to local park to walk around before the sun started to set.  I was going to grab just my iPhone – since I’ve been taking so many photos with it lately – but at the last minute, I grabbed my DSLR bag too.  I figured I could keep it in the car if I didn’t have any motivation to shoot with it when we got there.

Turns out, I’m really glad I brought it along!  There were patches of onion grass sprouting up everywhere and it was perfect for capturing with my Nikkor 105mm macro lens!  I didn’t know that onion grass grew in my area, because while I’d seen some cool photos on Flickr, I’d never actually seen it myself.  I created a three-photo series of my favorite shots, which I think go together really well, and the last one is a bonus.

(Click to enlarge)


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